This video captures the personal experiences of a special forces soldier who operates IDF drones and who fought alongside my unit against Hamas during the war in Gaza. Not all experiences are the same, and I cannot speak on what other soldiers went through that I did not witness. What I can speak about is that the IDF makes it crystal clear that we must do everything in our power to prevent civilian casualties, and what I saw with my own eyes is every soldier next to me doing exactly that.

There are unfortunately many impossible situations where Hamas actively shoots at IDF soldiers, or shoots rockets at Israeli civilians, and after the IDF does everything it can to warn those civilians to leave the specific line of fire, Israel fires back at Hamas to defend itself. The sad reality is that we saw Hamas using its own civilians to shield themselves knowing that at best they would get away and at worst innocent Palestinians would die, only for their deaths to be used to distort the world’s perception and manipulate the situation to make Israel seem as if it wanted to kill civilians.

I spent 4 months at war and not once did I ever see or hear of the IDF targeting civilians or bombing random areas for the sake of retaliation. All that I saw were soldiers doing everything in their power to prevent civilian casualties and fighting a force that had left their humanity behind.

One innocent civilian killed is horrible, let alone thousands. The context of what lead up to civilian deaths doesn’t make the outcome okay, but the elimination of the context to how those deaths came to be counteracts the ability to prevent future deaths. Focusing solely on the effect forces us to avoid understanding the cause.

We must learn to find and deal with the source of our problems in order to cure the symptoms from reoccurring.

Filmed on GoPro in Gaza
Edited by @kavanafilms

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