The Israel Hamas ceasefire, which includes both Israeli hostage and Palestinian prisoner releases, has been covered extensively this week by news sources across the political spectrum. Today, along with several other segments, we take a look at various perspectives of this event being presented in the media.

00:00 Intro
00:19 New “Today Unpacked” Format
00:40 The ceasefire, Elon Musk, Qatar, and antisemitic attacks in the US
02:15 Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners
05:10 Hamas’ media campaign to create moral equivalency and the Israel-Saudi peace deal
07:46 The importance of focusing on supporting one another
08:48 Weekly Torah reading: Parshat Vayishlach
09:44 Next week’s news: end of the ceasefire
10:09 Outro

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About Today Unpacked: Unpacked’s newest channel provides nuanced insights on breaking news stories by unpacking them through a Jewish lens. At Unpacked we know that being complex makes us more interesting. Because of this, we examine the world with nuance and insight to drive your curiosity and challenge your thinking.

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