A new season for the documentary series that brings the story of Arab leaders.

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“Enemies”, which presents the image of Arab leaders through the eyes of Israeli intelligence, comes up in a new season after the events of Black Sabbath, on October 7, the worst attack in Israel’s history, and the war that broke out on the southern and northern fronts, and sharpens what is behind the true intentions of our enemies, when they declare who want to destroy, harm and erase the Zionist entity

The series, which received millions of views and exposure in the Arab world as well, deals in each episode with the figure of the enemy leader and his hostility to Israel and with the question – how Israeli intelligence interprets his personality, intentions, and actions.

The new season of “Enemies” brings the histories of six regional leaders, starting from their childhood, and reveals the story of their lives, their way of thinking and the actions that Israeli intelligence carried out in order to thwart their actions: Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who is considered enemy number one and responsible for all the attacks against Israel. Hassan Nasrallah who became the biggest direct threat to Israel. President of Syria, as for Assad. Popular Front leader George Habes, who brought the plane hijackings to international terrorism. The founder of the Islamic Jihad, Fathi Shakaki, who advocated the uncompromising destruction of Israel, long before Hamas, and Marwan Barghouti, the Tanzim leader of Fatah, who is in Israeli prison, and who recently made headlines under the question of whether he will be elected the next leader of the Palestinian people.

Episode 1: “The Octopus of Tehran”, Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran. The episode reveals the largest terrorist operation in history planned by Khamenei and thwarted at the last moment by the Mossad and reveals new evidence of Iranian involvement in attacks against Israel in Argentina. The episode gives a rare glimpse into the character of this dangerous and intrigu.ing leader, through interviews with people who knew him personally and through intelligence personnel from Israel and the world, who were engaged in analyzing his personality.

Episode 2: Hassan Nasrallah – the Iranian envoy, the leader of Hezbollah who became the most significant direct threat. The episode also reveals his intimate ties with Iran’s leadership, and what does Israeli intelligence know about him and his intentions?

Episode 3: The story of the founder of the Islamic Jihad who preceded Hamas in the murderous attacks and ties with Iran. The episode reveals intelligence operations against Shakaki and the thwarting of the transfer of the millions to Jihad.