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To our soldiers, we say thank you! To our fathers and mothers, we say thank you! To friends, we say thank you! Most importantly to Hashem, we say thank You!

These days, like throughout our history, Am Yisrael needs to stand united! We are SO excited to share our latest hit, dedicated to the people of Israel, the land of Israel, and the state of Israel. We hope our song gives you the strength to stand together, and never forget to be proud of being part of the Jewish people.

This Pesach, join Rabotai as we sing our fight song, Israel’s Fight Song (maybe even at your seder), and remember…”Am Yisrael, a nation of unity!”

Original song – fight song by Rachel Platten
Producer – Daniel Brill
Musical arranger and audio production – Noah Bar-Shain
Videographer – Moshe Gelber
Video Editor – Ben Laor
Army footage – IDF Spokesman Unit
Roman army image designed by Freepik – www.freepik.com