Israel`s history in 11 songs (from the 1930s to 2000).

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Music has the power to capture the energy of its time. In this video I`ve chosen 11 songs that tell the history of Israel from the Yishuv to the Israeli version of `American Idol`.

I have added subtitles to the video. If you can’t see them, click the CC button in the bottom right-hand corner (or top right-hand corner) of the video.

The songs I talk about in the video:
Malu Asameinu Bar (Our Barns Are Full Of Grain) – performed by Gevatron
Hareut (The Friendship) – performed by Shoshana Damari
Ilu Tziporim (If Only Birds) – performed by Nahal Band
Yerushalim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold) – performed by Shuli Natan
Hatishma Koli/Zemer Nugeh (Will You Hear My Voice) – performed by The High Windows
Natati La Chayai (I Gave Her My Life) – performed by Kaveret
Hallelujah Eurovision – performed by Gali Atari & Milk and Honey
Haperach Begani (The Flower in My Garden) – performed by Zohar Argov
Im Nin`alu (If They Were Locked) – performed by Ofra Haza
Achshav Meunan (It’s Cloudy Now) – performed by Aviv Geffen
Yam Shel Dma’ot (Sea of Tears) – performed by Ninet Tayeb

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