It’s a Rebbe’s Life – Benny Friedman – Chasdei Lev

Chasdei Lev, a non-profit organization which helps Rabbeim and their families enjoy their Yomim Tovim with the financial Menuchas Hanefesh which they so deserve, partnered up with some amazing musical talent to release an uplifting new song.

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Produced by Yechiel Schron
Composed and directed by Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Arranged, mixed and mastered by Playmaster Studios
Vocals produced by Doni Gross
Back up vocals by
Shir V’shevach Boys Choir
Video directed by Moshe Finkelstein Crunchtime Media
Video produced by Yaakov Giniger

I see him at the Cheder ⁣
I see him all the time ⁣
And even when I leave him ⁣
Can’t get him off my mind ⁣
אוי כי הם חיינו ⁣
Oy cuz it’s a rebbe’s life ⁣

The times that he’s successful ⁣
The times I watch him fail ⁣
The learning and the struggle ⁣
The nachas and the pain ⁣
אוי כי הם חיינו ⁣
Oy cuz it’s a rebbe’s life ⁣

I’ve tried rewards and prizes ⁣
And the wisest of advisors ⁣
Just to find out what he needs ⁣
For Yankele ben Gittel ⁣
Let me say one more kappitel ⁣
Gonna pray that he’ll succeed ⁣

Cuz it’s a rebbe’s life ⁣
We understand ⁣
We’ve got the future of the world in our hands ⁣
For tinokos shel bais rabban are the leaders tomorrow we’ll see ⁣
Yes, it’s a rebbe’s life ⁣
We know every child ⁣
Has got a spark of something special inside ⁣
And the Torah we teach ⁣
Is a flame that will reach ⁣
Every heart and soul ⁣
For generations to be ⁣

So many years later ⁣
I’ve left it all behind ⁣
But Yankele in Cheder ⁣
Will sometimes cross my mind ⁣
אוי כי הם חיינו ⁣
Oy cuz it’s a rebbe’s life ⁣

Then I attend a dinner ⁣
I meet the honoree ⁣
I say, “You look familiar” ⁣
And Yankel says “It’s me!” ⁣⁣
אוי כי הם חיינו ⁣
Oy, cuz it’s a rebbe’s life

My Yankel’s dedicated ⁣
To assisting kids in cheder ⁣
For whom learning’s really tough ⁣
He says “Rebbe I can guide ’em ⁣
Cuz I see the good inside ’em ⁣
And it’s all because your love!” ⁣