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TYH Nation presents
It’s All From You
Shaindel Antelis
feat. TYH Girls

Our current generation is one of the last in the greater time span preceding the Geulah. Klal Yisrael is in its final sprint before the finish line, and often, that stage is the most difficult to overcome. The key to succeeding through the last stretch is to picture the ending, the Geulah. When we imagine Hakadosh Baruch Hu opening His arms and enveloping us in the Kedusha of the Bais Hamikdash, we can muster the strength to continue the race. “Ein od milvado,” it’s all from Hashem. With the knowledge that each and every blessing and challenge is from Hashem, we can continue to remain strong until Mashiach’s arrival.

Song produced by:
Mendy Portnoy & the Blumstein Brothers

Guitars: Ziv Shalev | Piano: Mendy Portnoy | Vocals recorded by Yehuda Goldglancz | TYH Girls recorded by Mendy Portnoy at Farbrengable Studios | Mixed and Mastered by Yaron Saffer

Sung by:
Shaindel Antelis
(and Ahuva Fink
Tamar and Leah Shapiro)

Vocals recorded by:
Jason Goldglancz

TYH choir:
Fraidy Rozensweig
Tova Grumet
Ahuva Levovitz
Rachel Blumstein
Bracha Blumstein
Jackie Teitelbaum
Tamar Shapiro
Leah Shapiro

Video choir coordinator:
Leah Lang

Director: Mia Friedman
Camera: Austin Schwichtenberg
Assistant Director: Sam Katz
Assistant Camera: Emmett Ferrer
Art: Chayale Akselrod
Art Assistant: Josephine Howell
Production Assistant: Trey Taylor
Colorist: Emily Baily