The docu-series wins the Academy Award for the best network series of 2021, touches the wall and reaches its third season – the transition from training to command. In the new season, the fighters finally finish the training course and the question arises where do we go from here: command? Arrests and roadblocks or maybe even going down to the back of my neck? Everyone wants to be a commander, but there are gaps that cannot be bridged – not everyone will be able to finish the course and the disappointments are expected to be severe.

In the opening episode, Ran goes to the military patrol course and takes the departure of the team hard. Her father and Yosef are in the Rotem Battalion training before operational employment and are debating whether to go to the military course, and Roy “Banda” returns after dislocating his shoulder and becomes a professional in the team, but the injury reduces his chances go to the course

“Warriors” tells the Israeli coming-of-age story from the point of view of four recruits to the “Givati” brigade from a week before the recruitment, through the training and the combat training stages. In this season, the story reaches a dramatic boiling point when her father, Ran, Yosef and Banda face another challenge in their quest to become commanders in the IDF.