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Daniel Donskoy is the host of Friday night Jews international, a German show exploring what it’s like to be Jewish in cities like London, Buenos Aires, Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

In his show, he meets with high-profile local Jewish guests to discuss and philosophize about the meaning of being Jewish.

In the evening, before hosting his guests, Daniel Donskoy explores the cities he visits: covered in oil from head to toe for a Turkish oil wrestling match in Istanbul, visiting Pride in Tel Aviv, or as the “Leader” on a double-decker bus in London. It is all about Jewish identities and stories, where you often don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Always playful and charming, Donskoy provides his various guests for the late-night show with home-cooked food and engaging questions. From an author, comedian, all the way to a rabbi, they talk about the reality of their Jewish lives. With such an intimate atmosphere, they open up right away in front of the camera.

A production by Turbokultur Berlin on behalf of WDR.