Joey Newcomb – Im Yesh Mikvah Yesh Tikvah (Cover By Zev Meth).

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This song is my favorite song off of Joeys latest hit album, Big Avoidas, which can be found on all your favorite music sites! This is also the most popular song from the album, as it already has been sung at many a wedding, and the album has only been out for about a week! I figured since this song is becoming the new Mi K’amcha Yisroel, I better record it while it’s still fresh, and before any other videos of the song come out. It’s called marketing, and it’s a way of getting more fans.

This cover was done completely by me, from the singing and song, to the horrible quality video production!

I’m sorry about the horrible video quality, this is what you get when you buy a $60 camcorder on Amazon that boasts 4k quality videos. I hope you can still enjoy, and that most importantly you can feel the energy as I am singing. To book me please see top of description!

As always, there is ZERO autotune in this song, all of the singing in this cover is my genuine voice!

Thank YOU for watching, I hope YOU enjoy(ed), and PLEASE subscribe, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!