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Israel’s victory in the Six Day War in 1967 was incredible, but Jordan made a costly error that changed the fate of Israel forever. In 1967, Israel was being dragged into war against its Arab neighbors. Faced with the combined might of these powerful countries, Israel came up with a daring plan to destroy the Egyptian air force. Flying low to avoid enemy radar, almost the entire Israeli air force took to the skies and conducted a preemptive raid that crippled the Egyptian air force and propelled Israel to an unbelievable victory. But the raid was to have a far wider repercussion; one that would alter the fate of Israel forever. Urged by Israel to say out of any conflict, it seemed Jordan might sit on the sidelines of this regional war. But this all changed when Egypt, seeing an opportunity to destroy Israel once and for all, convinced Jordan that the fleet of planes captured on radar heading to Israel were actually Egyptian fighters rather than the Israeli air force returning from its pre-emptive morning raid. Not wanting to miss out on a now guaranteed Arab victory, Jordan started attacking Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other targets. It was an incredible mistake and one that would lead just six days later to Israel recapturing East Jerusalem and reunifying the holy city. This animated history video is a partnership between The Jewish Story and Jerusalem U. ———– ———–