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Calling all kids who love Israel! Come learn about the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and get your FREE coloring book at

Jumpin’ Jerusalem is a new series by Rabbi David and Kerry Bar-Cohn to teach children about Israel, Jewish Holidays, the Bible and the Hebrew language.

In this short, fun and cute video you will learn what “Yom Kippur” means in Hebrew along with the deeper significance of the Biblical festival like why Jews don’t eat and do wear white clothing on their holiest day of the year.

Israel365 Scenes and Inspiration from the Land of Israel is excited to team up with the very talented Kerry and Rabbi David Bar-Cohn on the new video series, Jumpin’ Jerusalem. Israel365Kids hopes to teach Jewish and non Jewish children the importance of the Biblical festivals, their connection to the Land of Israel and their relevance to our lives today. For more information, please visit