TYH Nation Presents –
Just Want –
Devorah Schwartz @devorahschwartzofficial2546

The Jewish nation as a unit is constantly searching for a higher goal. After all, our purpose in this world is about seeking a higher connection with Hakadosh Baruch Hu through our Avodah. At times, the path towards a higher spiritual living seems scattered with obstacles, leaving a Yid feeling dejected or unhopeful. The Ba’al Shem Tov stated, “Any Yid who wants to accomplish a goal succeeds. A Jew only fails when he does not try to accomplish his goal.” The moment a Yid desires a mode of higher living, he can achieve it. Where there is a will, there is a way. More than just a motivational phrase, the willpower itself manifests into a positive energy which creates Malachim who pave a Yid’s way towards achieving his goals. A Jewish woman’s desire is so uniquely powerful, that by simply contemplating over her longing for the Geulah, she can bring the redemption closer.

אין אדם שלא יכול, יש אדם שלא רוצה. ברגע שאדם ירצה, הוא גם יוכל
Just want, just want, a yid just has to want and he will succeed

Song written and Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Arranged and Produced by Izzy Drihem and Mendy Portnoy
Additional harmonies recorded in Keynor Studios
Bridge composed by Devorah Schwartz and Izzy D)

Choreographer Adee Black
Stylist Esty Morelle
Kids wardrobe by La Di Da kids
Video by Dov Gurwitz
Assistant on set Leeba Garfunkel

Filmed by Dov Gurwitz
Edited and animation by Mati mShriki studios