Hey Friends,
What difficult times we have all been through lately. If someone would`ve described what our world looks like today a year ago, I would`ve thought it`s a joke. But unfortunately so many people and families have been effected by this unimaginable situation.
Even the thought of living a regular life with no masks or quarantine sounds like paradise.

We`ve had enough, we have no strength left,

All we need right now is MOSHIACH!
When the world will be filled with only good!

When my friend and fellow singer Tziporah Evgi asked me to translate the chorus of her new original song into english, I straight away fell in love with it and made her promise that we`ll do a special cover of it together.

So here it is, in 3 languages:



❤ Chaya

Kalu Kol Hakitzin
When will our world be filled with only good
When will falsehood be replaced with truth
When will we all live in harmony together as one
Please redeem us, it`s been too long the time has come


We`ve had enough
We have no strength no more
Father of mercy
Bring moshiach to our door
We are tired
We have suffered
And we`ve been suffering almost two thousand years

ומתי ידפוק מלאך המבשר על חלון ביתי
ומתי יזרח ויתגלה אורו של דודי
ומתי נחיה בשקט בשלווה ושלום
ומתי כבר יתגשם לנו זה החלום


כלו כל הקיצין
אין לנו כח יותר
אבא ברחמים
תביא משיח מהר
כבר עיפנו
כמה כמה סבלנו
ועדיין סובלים בגלות כמעט אלפיים שנים
כלו כל הקיצין
תביא משיח מהר

אנא ה` הושיעה נא!!

Ya tuvimos suficiente
no tenemos fuerzas
Padre de misericordia
Trae al mashiach rápido
Estamos cansados
Hemos sufrido
Y seguimos sufriendo por casi dos mil años

כלו כל הקיצין
אין לנו כח יותר
אבא ברחמים
תביא משיח מהר

Melody: Tzipora Evgi
English lyrics: Chaya Kogan
Hebrew lyrics: Tzipora Evgi
Spanish translation: Chani Caplin
Music arrangement: Eran Yanko
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Eran Yanko
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Graphic Cover: Nechama Kushnir
Videographer: Chaya Blender
Video Editor: Chaya Blender

Tzipora Evgi`s Youtube channel:

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