CHUTNEY’s arrangement of Shiri Maimon’s song Kama At Yafa, written by Kobi Aflalo.

העיבוד שלנו לשיר ‘כמה את יפה’ של שירי מימון, מאת קובי אפללו

“We are the burning heart, the returning light.” 🔥

We will not break. We #StandWithIsrael 💙🤍

#BringThemHome #amyisraelchai עםישראלחי#


Vocals: Sarit Michael
Violin: Ben Adler
Piano: Paul Khodor
Clarinet: Benjamin Samuels
Bass Guitar: Ralph Marshall
Percussion: Yiss Mill
Drums: Cameron Reid
Produced by Michael Puterflam
Filmed by Mikey Kuhle
Edited by Jacob Melamed
Music recorded and produced by Dan Natoli
Music mixed by Andy Haller –
Recorded @ A Sharp Studio, Riverwood, Sydney.

With gratitude to Rabbi Yehuda Niasoff, Aron Niasoff, Rina Michael and Prof Ghil’ad Zuckerman.


CHUTNEY is an Australian klezmer band with a twist – hitting all genres from jazz, funk and rock to folk, tango and classical, and everything in between.

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