This is a precious and hidden Niggun of Reb Shlomo Carlebach. I first heard it on a Leil Shabbos in Yerushalayim. I remember thinking this is such an incredible niggun! We have to bring this song home to Klall Yisrael! So, Thank You Hashem, here we are, and it is a tremendous zchus to share this treasure with you.

In the original recording, Reb Shlomo explains, “Uvenei, uvenei, uvenei- build it already!”

This niggun is truly an avoida of mamish banging- repeatedly- on the gates of Yerushalayim: “Please, please, please let us in! Kasher Dibarta, like you said you would!” The strongest thing a child can say to a parent is “You said you would.” There are very few ways to wiggle out of that. To a child, your word is your word. Tatte, you said you would bring us home. Please, let it be soon.

Thank you to the Carlebach family for their assistance.

Hope to farbreng soon in Yerushalayim,