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Hey everybody!
So I have had the weirdest time during this quarantine. On the one hand, most of the work for my upbeat, electronic/violin dance album is totally on pause, since I need to work with really excellent producers and it`s hard to do that while in quarantine… And on the other hand I`ve been doing a lot of remote recording work, learning new techniques online, taking lessons in Ableton Live-it`s been a trip and I`ve really enjoyed being able to take care of my health and resting up (to some degree at least) I have found that the time I have to work is after my kids go to sleep, and so I`m much more pulled towards this slow, meditative music, since everything around me has changed directions so drastically. I have a full EP that I`ve now created and will be releasing in this more meditative style-BUT that doesn`t mean I`m not excited to get back to events and weddings!!!!! I`m so super excited to amp up the pace of life again!!!!!

I also want to express my deepest gratitude to my Patreon family, who has been encouraging me to make videos for everyone and has really inspired me to get this journey going. thank you so so much, I really am so grateful to you guys. If you are interested in helping to create more content, please check out

So I want to tell you also about this song, and about the great honor I`ve had to work with Jason Goldglancz, who has been encouraging my journey into Ableton live and really pushing me to expand my horizons stylistically. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Original song by Yishai Ribo, self filmed with my phone on a selfie stand 5 minutes from my house in Ramat beit Shemesh, edited by me, I hope you enjoy!