Thanks to your love, Koolulam was chosen to participate in a global study by @templetonworldcharityfound4808 , which examines the impact of Koolulam activities on the happiness and emotional resilience of individuals and society – Collective Effervescence.

We have teamed up with psychologist Professor Shira Gabriel from the University of Buffalo, New York, for the study. Shira and her researchers will ask past and future Koolulam participants about the impact of Koolulam on “Collective Effervescence.”

It turns out that when a large number of people gather in one place and time for a common goal, such as fans of a football team, a demonstration, or a Koolulam event :), something takes place.
We feel connected; we sense that we are part of something larger than ourselves, have a purpose, and have the power to produce change.

In Koolulam, there is an additional component that changes the whole picture – music. It causes us to listen and deepens the meaning of our shared presence. This is exactly what collective effervescence is, as well as our basic human need.

If you have previously attended a Koolulam event or are planning to attend the upcoming event, we would be thrilled if you would like to participate in the study.

To participate in the study, you are welcome to answer the attached questionnaire. Prof. Shira Gabriel and her researchers will contact you for further information.

Participation in the study does not require physical attendance.

Participation in the study entitles you to a raffle ticket for a $500 Amazon purchase on behalf of the University of Buffalo.