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If Adam Sandler and the Beastie Boys collaborated after Hebrew School but actually studied there, they would come out Schmoozin`. The unofficial theme song of Uncut Gems. The official theme song of Kosha Dillz life. The Hannukah song that makes you feel like a strong jew (even if you`re not jewish) .Not everyone knows what it is like to be a jew, but we all know what it is like to be Schmoozin`

Schmoozing – The word Schmooze derives from the Yiddish shomuesn, which in turn derives from Hebrew shmue, meaning rumor. Its earliest written reference in English dates to 1897. When the term was borrowed it originally meant to have a warm conversation, to shoot the breeze, to pass the time chatting.

Why now?
In a time of mass anti-semitism and hatred against jews in America and the world (such as what happened in monsey) I believe public image of Jewish culture needs to be tougher, cooler and more appealing while holding on to tradition and sanctity. I hope to express my art in a way that can showcase that and represent jewish culture and hip hop culture collectively.

produced by KoOoL Kojak.
lyrics written by Rami Even-Esh / Kosha Dillz
written by Rami Even-Esh , KoOoL Kojak, Chloe Pourmorady , Zack Lodmer
mixed / mastered by Mike Machinist of Shinobi Ninja


big thank yous and todah rabahs.
Barak Grossberg
Maynard Breslow
Aaron Scheer / Daily Freier
Jumping Nachmans

Jewish Mama: clothing by @outside.society
Vered (veronique) Peretz.
actresses of Ulpan Gordon.
Shidduch Date #1
Ana Soloveychik
Shidduch Date #2
Ksenia Barsitis

Directed / Edited / Shot by Vadim Mechona

BTS: Abe , Dana Schneiderman
location: SOOS Studios.
Yafo Streets. Apt. My place on Sderot Yerushalyim


Boychik its been years since my bris tho
Mr potato head style brisket knish flow
faklumpt bagela – futzin- around
And you aint never frum on tour… when I’m coming to town
Traif tutchus / ladies be under my gown
Yentas on yontif and they running they mouth
Ask zaidie with a fat zaftig up in the house
This is for my baby mamas and my bubbe who down

So I shnore so loud when I sleep I can’t
Dream about fresh kickds and a way to dance
With a nice girl who kvetch who like my pants
If she don’t want my shmeckle – feh! – ask her friends

Kish kiss from canters in a kibbutz room
Holy moly shmolyy she looking for a shidduch soon
But I’m straight meshugganeh – shvitzin like we into june
Be a mensch really cool
all the yentas in the house yah… I’m feeling you.!


Altltacocker to a balabusta
Cherish from the fact I prolly have to meet the mother
Waiting for the chulent of life
Enough cchutpah so the chulent is tight
Chiulant ya wife
I stay grinding
Ya know farkockta in the brain
Make my my pitstop shape my (EiSEN) insane
Yiddish flow I’m s hustler and bubbleh with brains
Rap like this you’ll never have a crap job to mainTain
Famish from the emmes
Nose/ stay sharp just like pen is
nudnick in the rap game I’m respected –
Boychik don’t go act out like a shemdrick!

Kosha cuts and the masher get spoiled
Eminem style yea 8 moyle
With the nachas the stuff I enjoy
Dont noodge I hate to be annoyed
mom says Stop schmoozing with shiksas and goys
you need to get married you’re still unemployed
nishtagroyse – metzir – Stop acting so weird 2020 your year!