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0:00 In Prospect Park, Brooklyn
0:06 Buying Snickers, Milky Way and Twix
0:30 Heading to Boro Park, Brooklyn
0:56 Arriving in Boro Park, Brooklyn
1:33 Why is Snickers not “kosher enough” here?
3:16 At the Ice Cream Store: buying Smirk, Milk Munch and Encore.
5:09 Taste-testing the generic versus ripoff versions

Join me for a trip to Hasidic Boro Park, where you’ll find something weird in the candy shops. None of the stores sell Snickers but they sell a very similar looking, similar tasting, similar sounding Smirk. They also don’t sell Milky Way, but we find Milk Munch. And instead of Twix, we find a suspiciously similar candy called Encore.

This is a fun little trip where I explore one of my pet peeve topics: the unique products that are produced for the Hasidic community, why they have to be unique, and the consequences of having such specialized items. This video is just a light food-tasting adventure, toe-dipping experience, in the world of Hasidic foods. Please encourage me to make many more food videos by watching this to the end and sharing it around. This helps the video do well and it in turn encourages me to do more food videos.

Here’s my playlist of food videos to date. I hope to do many more!


Filmed by Keith Pressman / https://kepress1.wixsite.com/keith-pressman-reel
Edited by Steve Milligan / https://www.cliquemojo.com/