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A new season for the most Israeli series ever, winner of the Academy Award.

Episode 1: Anatoly discovers an extraordinary talent and Nisim registers him for a talent competition. Kochava is obsessed with proving that she weighs less than Shira, and Amnon loses a Shenkel.

Episode 2: It is the 11th Independence Day in Petah and Avichai is a candidate for the title of Yakir of the city of Yavne. A writer terrorizes the writers in the area. Ramsey is dealing with a shortage of his permanent gel.

Episode 3: Winter has arrived and Amnon just breaks the umbrella. The writer’s employees are in a struggle with a client who insists on always arriving a minute before closing.

Episode 4: Nissim offers to teach Anatoli for a late Bar Mitzvah. Esti goes to war against her greatest enemy.

Episode 5: The store’s employees are tired of Shira correcting them in Hebrew. Criminals come to the supermarket and demand the bottles for recycling.