Larry Gordon was born and raised in Brooklyn, and has six children; including Nachi Gordon, co-host of Meaningful People Podcast.

He is a veteran journalist, writing stories on Jewish life and related issues for thirty years. He is also the acknowledged creator of modern Jewish radio. This distinction is due, for Larry, in 1977, pioneered the first weekday morning Jewish music and news program on FM radio—91.1 WFMU at New Jersey’s Upsala College.

Larry’s program, the “Hebrew and Jewish program,” and the format he created, is the direct, originating predecessor of the world famous JM in the AM radio show hosted by Nachum Segal.

Larry’s interest in journalism is inspired by his father, Nison Gordon, a”h, who traveled from Poland when he was 18-years-old to report on life in New York City as the American correspondent for a Polish newspaper. Larry’s father’s became a well know Yiddish writer, writing for “The Day,” “The Day Morning Journal,” and “The Algemeiner Journal,” during a career that spanned over 45 years. 



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