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The 8th Note Credits:
Produced by: Yossi Tyberg
Songs & Music Composed by: Yossi Green
Arranged by:
Shai Bachar, Ilya Lishinsky, Daniel Freiberg
Leib Yakov Rigler, Mona Rosenblum,
Moshe Laufer and Momy Levy
Vocals recorded by: Yossi Tyberg
Mixed & Mastered by: Ilya Lishinsky & Yossi Tyberg at Artsonic Inc.
CD Design by: Eli Kaufman, Zevi Zilberberg, KZ Creative
Original Art: Anotoly Snaider
Distributed by: Sameach Music
Published by: OhYeah! Music

Songs Published by:
Oh Yeah Music – New York, NY

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