The months since October 7th have brought tremendous grief, loss, uncertainty, and fear to North American Jewish communities. Jewish community leaders are working tirelessly to support their communities through these trying times. In early February, alumni of The Wexner Foundation’s fellowships for Jewish professional leadership gathered at their annual conference. This week’s guest host, Maital Friedman, spoke with seven of these leaders about the challenges they’re facing, the questions they’re asking, and how they are forging a path forward.  


Guests featured on this episode:

Ilana Aisen, CEO of JPro

Jacob Feinspan, Executive Director of Jews United for Justice

Erica Frankel, Executive Director of the Office of Innovation and co-founder of Kehillat Harlem

Rachael Fried, Executive Director of JQY (Jewish Queer Youth)

Dalit Horn, Executive Director of the Vilna Shul

Daniel Olson, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Research at the National Ramah Commission

Adam Weisberg, Executive Director of Urban Adamah

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