Jews and Arabs in Israel – Let’s talk straight

This social project was inspired by Joyner Lucas’ song “I’m Not Racist”, as after watching it I decided to embark on a 3-year journey – travelling, researching, and collecting opinions of diverse Jews and Arabs across Israel.

It mirrors the extreme voices I encountered, blinded by fear and nurtured by simplistic narratives.

We the young generation had enough. We believe in change, and we want to live and love.

By promoting authenticity, understanding complexity and speaking the moderate truth – we can let go of past traumas and build a better future together.


Join our movement of Israelis and Palestinians who believe in the power of authentic communications and collaborations to enable a better mutual future, and a reality of maximum well-being for maximum beings.

Join us!
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Project Credits –
Creator: Uriya Rosenman
Lyrics, voices and acting: Uriya Rosenman and Sameh ‘SAZ’ Zakout
Music production, cinematography and editing: Vadim Mechona
Directing: Uriya Rosenman and Vadim Mechona
Color grading and title design: Ran Braginsky
Creative advisors: Lucas Chauvet, Gili Levinson, and Yaron Genatek