CREDITS: Thanks to the dream team:

Composed by – Israel Portnoy

I wrote this song after loosing everything physical l I owned forced me to dig deep to find what it is that we actually have beyond physical possessions in this material world. I arrived at the realisation that as humans we are just constantly striving to make a positive footprint here on planet earth as we get closer and closer to death so that when we die we are not completely forgotten. Maybe this is why at such challenging and uncertain times as these, we see the best of humanity because a part of us is perhaps thinking that if we are potentially going to die, let`s squeeze in some final acts of goodness so we can each leave behind our gifts to the universe.

May this unfathomable situation see its end speedily. In the meanwhile, I`m t for the gift of music which i know for so many of us, is literally keeping us alive right now.