I am honored to include my kinderlach in this special song that they always sing along to when we travel in the car. The words of this song are so powerful and I wanted to share its message with you.

“L’maancha Elokeinu” we are saying to G-d, take pity on us and save us not because we deserve it, because we know we don’t; but save us “for You and for Your Glory”.

But What does that even mean?? Does G-d need us to tell Him what to do? Since when are we busy telling Him what He should do for His Glory??

So to answer this question let’s go back to the words of L’maancha where we admit that we’re in a really bad, low place. When the Jews are on a low level, looking at really hard times, the non-believers will mock us and say “Where is their Gd?” So when we beg for our lives during Selichos, Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur, we’re asking Him to save us for His Glory and not based on our merits. We’re telling G-d that we know we don’t always deserve Your mercy, so forget about what we deserve, save us for Your Honor so everyone can see Your Greatness.

Let us all be able to use this time to really focus on connecting to Him and specifically the opportunity for Teshuva which is gift where can literally erase any wrongdoing we may have done this past year. Hashem is just waiting for us to return to Him.