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It was supposed to be a fun field trip. A little celebration in honor of Israel’s 26th birthday. Over a hundred religious high school students, exploring northern Israel and sleeping under the stars. But the three Palestinian terrorists who sneaked in from Lebanon had other plans. This is the story of the Ma’alot massacre. It’s a story of horror and blood. But it’s also a story of hope and resistance. A reminder that every hour of our lives matters.


Unpacking Israeli History is generously sponsored by Marci and Andrew Spitzer and this episode is generously sponsored by Neil and Pam Weissman.


This episode is dedicated to the memory of the victims:

Hasibah Shala, 27 

Yosef (Jojo) Cohen, 45

Fortuna Cohen, 38 (7 months pregnant)

Unborn child of Fortuna Cohen

Moshe Eliahu Cohen, 4

Sylvan Zerach, 27

Ilana Turgeman, 15 

Zvia Mor-Yoseph, 15 

Rachel Aputa, 16 

Yocheved Mazoz, 15 

Sarah Ben-Shim’on, 15 

Yona Sabag, 15 

Yafa Cohen, 17 

Shoshana Cohen, 17

Michal Sitrok, 16 

Malka Amrosy, 15

Aviva Saada, 15 

Yocheved Deri (age unknown)

Yakov Levi, 17 

Yakov Kabla, 17 

Rina Cohen, 15

Sarah Madar, 15 

Tamar Dahan, 16

Sarah Sofer, 15 

Lilly Morad, 16

David Madar, 17 

Yehudit Madar, 16 

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