MDA’s Fight Against Coronavirus Begins With You

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way the world operates with millions of people impacted around the world. But from day one, Magen David Adom (MDA) has been leading the way. To keep Israelis safe, and to continue our mission of providing world class service at any time of the day, we need your support.

MDA is on the Frontline

Israel’s national EMS organization, MDA took every possible measure to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. We were involved in the initial discussions with the Ministry of Health, the healthcare providers, and we were appointed the responsibility of handling coronavirus cases in Israel.

Early on, MDA opened up a joint hotline with the Ministry of Health to assist anyone with coronavirus symptoms. Our call centers immediately expanded to multiple locations as the threat of the virus grew. MDA volunteers and staff have received tens of thousands of calls from all over the country, and provided assistance accordingly.

MDA staff are also responsible for obtaining mucosal samples from members of the public suspected of having Coronavirus, and transmitting the samples safely to the labs. To assist the public in monitoring potential symptoms and staying up to date, MDA also launched the “My MDA” app.

To assist the state in increasing the number of tests, MDA opened drive-thru testing centers throughout Israel, for civilians to be tested for the virus without physical contact. These drive-thru complexes operate in communities nation-wide, and have tested thousands of people.

All of Magen David Adom’s work during the Coronavirus pandemic is in addition to our normal emergency response services assisting Israelis around the country with any and every medical crisis.

Help us, help Israel

Each project conducted by MDA today costs us resources and Israelis are depending on your support to keep us safe. From the protective gear, to medical supplies to proper disinfectant to ensure high levels of safety, and more. MDA faces unprecedented pressure to assist the public in fighting Coronavirus. Join the fight and donate today.