A three-part documentary series that sheds new and surprising light on the British Mandate period in Israeli history.

Episode 1: The story of the arrival of the British Empire in the Middle East, how did it complicate the situation in the region and create the arena for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

This series is based on two rare archives that have never been revealed: the first is the protocol of the secret evidence from the Peel Commission, the same committee that convened in 1937, and was the first to recommend d the establishment of two states: Jewish and Arab, side by side, and the second is the raw materials of the “Pillar of Fire” series, which was broadcast on television in 1981. Many of the testimonies of Jewish, Arab, and British personalities remained on the floor of the editing room. The series presents them for the first time in the series accompanied by two leading experts: Professor Mustafa Kabha (historian, Open University, expert on the history of the Palestinian people) and Professor Moti Golani (University of Tel Aviv, head of the Israeli Forum for the Study of the Mandate).

Episode 2: The story of the transformation of the Jewish-Arab conflict from a territorial conflict to a religious conflict, against the background of one of the most important events in the history of Palestine – the Great Arab Revolt.

Episode 3 (final): The collapse of Palestinian nationalism in the face of the flourishing of the Zionist movement and its steps to establish a Jewish state, against the background of World War II and the collapse of the British Empire.

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