Join Frieda Vizel – Brooklyn Tour Guide as she visits Pearl’s home for a tour inside a Hasidic Jewish home!

Pearl is a Hasidic woman who has lived in Williamsburg almost all of her life. She’s now a great-grandmother and has a large family in the neighborhood. She’s an extremely dynamic woman who agreed to show me her home for my youtube channel. We didn’t just see her home; the whole visit was so much more!

In this segment, Pearl goes over what we see:
– the dining room table, with many chairs
– the table set for the shabbes meal
– the silver candelabras for lighting for shabbes
– the delicious challah bread for shabbes
– the iconic pictures of her grandkids at their weddings
– the seforim-shank/bookcase of important religious books (Pearl is a bookbinder’s daughter and grew up with the binding of these books all around her)
– the modest living room without any screens
– the kosher kitchen with its two sections for milk and meat
– and more, much more!

We’ve seen Pearl’s Hasidic home. In this video, I share with you the deeper conversations during my filmed visit with her.

We talked about the role of women in the Hasidic community, the community’s insularity, Pearl’s story, the Satmar rebbe, remembering the holocaust, Williamsburg in the past, and much more.

A few excerpts:
-“The male has the male role; the female has the female role. We are not jealous of each others’ roles.”
-“You get a different perspective when you’re a great grandmother like myself. And then you’ll understand what a career that [raising children] is.
-“Why do you think we keep doubling our population every seven years? Everybody wants to stay and live around their parents. Now, this goes against modern contemporary wisdom. Which teenager doesn’t want to get away from his parents in the modern world?”