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Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. “Back On My Feet” shares that hope and knowing that if we don’t give up on ourselves, no matter how hard challenging life can be, we will make it through the other side, better, stronger and in a position to help others along the path.

You are powerful, beautiful and whole.

My hope is that this song is a gentle (and fun) reminder that you are enough and for those who may be listening to this while in the dark of the night that this begins the process of the sunrise.


Rings inside of my brain

In time
Fight or flight I’m broken

My own thoughts can be unkind
I’m not perfect that’s alright
Long nights
Afraid of my own shadow


I finally found it in me
The love the hope the meaning
And now that I am healing
Im finally free
Im back on my feet

I’m worthy, I’m special, I’m complete
I’m loving, I’m strong, yeah I’m G-dly
I’m ready to get up- I’m pent up
I’m finally free
I’m finally free