Meet YouTube superstar and hasid Meir Kay. Growing up as an ultra-orthodox chasidic jew, Meir felt pressure to conform to his community’s standards. He needed to find his voice and his authentic place in Judaism. After years of rabbinical school, and struggling to fit the traditional expectations of his family, Meir realized he’d lost sight of himself. So, while his friends were getting married and having children, Meir began travelling the world – searching for his voice. It was on a mountain in Asia that Meir realized his passion for spreading positivity and inspiration through acting and film. He wasted no time, and immediately began pursuing his dreams. Today, Meir has 30 million YouTube views and over 1 million loving fans on Facebook. His positive messages reach the masses, and he is an inspiration to people all over the world. “If you don’t aspire to great things, you will not achieve even little ones.” -Imrei Bina

Meet more young Jewish heroes who have overcome staggering obstacles to reveal their inner strength.