Mimamakim –
Dalia Friedman –
TYH Nation –
מִמַּעֲמַקִּים קְרָאתִיךָ השם

We call out to Hashem from the depths, from the deepest places. It is from within these experiences, when our faith is being challenged, that our emunah points us to our loving Father in Heaven. We turn to Him requesting that He hear our prayer, and mercifully redeem us from the lowest places.

The Tzaddikim tell us that there is another explanation – That when our emunah is tested, and we have difficulty even forming the words to say, we can still call out to Hashem from the depths of our heart, from our own individual deepest places. We can have confidence, that even without knowing how to form a proper prayer, and while still missing the perfect words, Hashem can discern the true voice coming from deep within us. We have faith, we are Maaminim the children of Maaminim, and we know that our strength and success comes only from Hashem.

Song composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Produced & arranged and Mixed by Mendy Portnoy
Guitars : Yisrael Portnoy

Filmed and Edited by MATISHRIKI Studio