K’racheim is a song composed by new and upcoming singer Moishe Mintz. This song was born about 8 years ago, but he never had a chance to do anything with it until a few months ago.

When the Coronavirus lockdown started in England, just like in many other places throughout the world. Therefore, Moishe thought it’s time to release this song that talks exactly about the current situation with the words:

עלינו ה׳ תרחם כן בנים על אב כרחם

תלויות עינינו לך כי קצף בנו ימשוך ואל מרעיתך צאן והושיעה

His brother Nosson Dovid collaborated on the arrangements over the phone as he is a Yeshivah boy who learns in France.

Through his friend Benny Laufer’s help, he managed to bring the world renowned musicians Avi Avidani and Avi Singolda into the production.

As the time went things developed and they were able to add more and more pieces, vocals, and instruments into the mix, such as the famed “Neranena Choir”, the new yeled hapella from “Nashir Beyachad Boys Choir” in London Hillel Deblinger, joined the production with his stellar vocals.

Moishe’s mother came up with the idea and created a painting to accompany the song visually. It is this painting that you see in the lyrical video for this poignant song, proudly being presented here.