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With its daring operations and continuous mystique, the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency has quite a history. With the founding of the Mossad, it was tasked with securing Israeli intelligence beyond Israel’s borders. Nazi hunting and spying in nearby Arab countries were just some of the Mossad operations in the early years.

When Yossele Shuchmacher was kidnapped by his grandfather and smuggled out of the country, the affair became a divisive factor within the secular and religious in Israeli society. The Mossad was put on the case, finally locating him in Brooklyn after an exhaustive search. Following the terrible tragedy at the 1972 Olympics, with the murder of 11 Israeli athletes in the infamous Munich Massacre, the Mossad was tasked with revenge. Operation Wrath of G-d was to destroy the Black September terrorist organization which was the perpetrator of the attacks. This was largely successful and most of the principle operatives and terrorists were eliminated.

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