Mossad is one of the most famous intelligence agencies in the world. The Mossad is supposed to guarantee Israel’s existence when there are enemies. Most importantly, the Secret Service is responsible for preventing a possible Holocaust. Under threat, the Mossad takes every step or daring operation to save them from extinction.

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After the Six-Day War, Mossad focuses more and more on the Palestinian conflict. All over the world, Mossad hunted Palestinian terrorists. As Israel occupies more Palestinian territories in the Six-Day War, Arab terrorist organizations grow stronger and threaten Israel’s security. In the hunt for the masterminds of the attacks, the Mossad is now active as a hit squad all over the world.

A new threat to Israel and Mossad is emerging from Hezbollah. The radical Islamic terror is now one of the greatest threats to the Mossad. To ensure Israel’s security, Mossad wants to form a new alliance. Since the Islamic Revolution, Iran is no longer an ally of Mossad and Israel. Now Iran is threatening to attack Israel with its nuclear program.

In 1962, the Egyptian regime launched its new missile program, which poses a threat to Israel and the Mossad. So, the Mossad and its secret warriors have to intervene. But the main threat is that the Egyptian missiles can reach and harm Israel and the Mossad. However, in 1965, the missile program was put on hold.

The Jews are being persecuted again, 27 years after the Holocaust, and the Mossad has to do something to prevent it. But what?