Tzili Schneider is a veteran teacher, a member of the Orthodox mainstream, the mother of eleven and a woman who cares. Deeply.


Tzili grew up in Meah Shearim surrounded by all shades and hues of Jewish life. She remembers as a little girl dancing joyfully with soldiers following the capture of the Kosel at the end of the six-day war.


As she grew up, Tzili noted that the general atmosphere in Israel outside the sheltered alleyways of her youth was diametrically different. She began to encounter hostility and mistrust, dissension and stigma.


In fact, when she worked as a teacher, she rode the public bus every day alongside another staff member. But they never spoke because Tzili was religious and the other woman was not.


Tzili desperately wanted to do something to bring her people together again.


In 2012, she fulfilled her dream. She founded Kesher Yehudi, a groundbreaking platform for diverse sectors to meet and connect through Torah learning.


Kesher Yehudi welcomes all segments of the Jewish nation with love, providing the support and tools necessary to foster personal connections and long-term unity.


With her relentless determination, Tzili has created an unprecedented movement that has transformed lives and changed Israeli society for the better.




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