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What`s Corona? – ma hi corona

Plague or illness?
As long as it doesn`t get to me
Shrouded in mystery
Straight from China
No one`s told me yet
What`s Corona!
Bat blood
A doomsday weapon
Population control
Or 5G
Just tell me
What? What? What?
What what what what`s Corona?
It ruined my vacation
It`s shameful
How I`m stuck at home
I can`t go out without a mask
It`s a joke
Inspectors are following me
World-wide quarantine
No entry
Prices rising
Shipments are stuck
Because everything we buy is
Enough, enough, enough, enough, Corona!
Enough, enough, enough, enough, Corona!

No viruses were harmed in the making of this video

translated by @lisa liel

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