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As the youngest child of the Netziv, Rav Meir Bar Ilan (1880-1949) grew up in the world of Volozhin. With the closing of the Yeshiva and the loss of his father while he was still a child, he moved on to further horizons. From Telz to Berlin where he commenced his literary career in the city that bore his name.

He was a rising leader of the Mizrachi and in that capacity he moved to New York. As an activist in both Mizrachi Zionist endeavors, as well as Jewish education and other communal efforts, he left his mark in America. This was followed by his move to Israel – then Palestine – in 1926. Once again assuming a leadership role, he remained in the public sphere in politics, economics and Rabbinical. Among his many initiatives was spearheading the monumental Talmudic Encyclopedia project.

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