TYH Nation Presents
Fabrengable Studios/Mendy Portnoy
Nashim Tzidkaniyot
Bracha Jaffe

Kol Isha – For Women & Girls

“The nations will be redeemed through the righteous women of the generation.” The first Geulah occurred through the merit of Nashim Tzidkaniyos who anticipated it by bringing their instruments to exile. The redemption was brought through their Zechusim and unwavering Emunah. When the Geulah arrived, they celebrated joyously with musical instruments and dancing. So too, the final Geulah, our Geulah, will happen through the Nashim Tzidkaniyos who are preparing for the Geulah through Tefillos, yearning, and singing along with the Voices of Geulah.

….אין הדורות נגאלים אלא בזכות נשים צדקניות
– מדרש זוטא רות ד, יא

Written by The Blumstein Brothers & Mendy Portnoy
Produced and Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Drums: Avi Avidan
Bass: Dani Shnaiderman
Guitars: Noam Berg
Kanun: Amir Alaev
Backing vocals: Bracha Jaffe and Talia Yona
Choir: Hundreds of women & girls from around the world
Mixed and Mastered by Ronen Hillel

Filmed and Edited by Vadim Mechona
Production assistant- Lev zilberman

Musicians featured in clip:

Einat Har’el
Shani Shavit
Nitzan Alon
Yael Lavi

Make up – Anna Belinkin
Styled by The Frock NYC