The yearning for connection is a powerful part of being human. We all experience the fear of being alone in some way.

Rebbe Nachman teaches: “ One of the main objectives of life is overcoming our fears”

But how do I overcome my fear of being alone?

The answer lies in the recognition that the same Hashem who gives me this fear, is the One who empowers me with the ability to conquer it. With this emunah I can forge ahead, walking confidently with Hashem, through the journey of life, always knowing that I am protected because I know:


A TYH Nation/Farbrengable Studios Production:
Featuring: @Bracha Jaffe & @Shaindy Plotzker

Music Credits:
Composed by the Blumstein Brothers
Lyrics by the Blumstein Brothers & @Shaindy Plotzker
Produced and arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Vocals recorded at Playmasters Studio
Choir recorded at EG Studios

Video Credits:
Executive Producer: Pearl Miller
Creative Director: Riki Friedman
Cinematography & Editing: Shlomo Rivkin
Associate Producer: Shiffy Weiser
Production Assistant: Faigy Ornstein
Photographer: Esty B. Photography
Hair: Yocheved Gross, Hadassah Becket, Chani Sompolinsky, Hair & Blush
Makeup: Riva Weider, Hannah Braun
Artwork: Yakov Josephy