TYH Nation Presents
Never Alone – Mendy Worch
TYH Music/Mendy Portnoy

The fear of being alone is a universal human experience. But as Rebbe Nachman teaches, overcoming this fear is a central objective of life.

The key lies in recognizing that Hashem sends a malach before us and empowers us to conquer our fears . With unwavering faith, we embark on life’s journey, knowing we are never truly alone.

“A Yid is Never Alone!” This truth transforms our fear into strength, guiding us towards a deeper connection with Hashem and ourselves.

Music Produced and Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Additional Production: Yehuda Pinsker
Guitars; Noam “Hargol” Burg
Backing vocals, Piano: Mendy Portnoy
Choir Yehudah Pinsker, Tzvi Goldschmidt, Eli Sheer, Jonah Schenker, Joshua Aryeh, Rafi Levine, Rafi Cornick, Michael Glazer, Corey Listman, Akiva
Mixed and Masdtered by Ronen Hillel

Originally performed by Bracha Jaffe and Shaindy Plotzker

Filmed and Edited
Matti Shriki

Production Coordinator
Mimi Friedman

Production Assistant
Binyamin Babayov
Mendel Mogilevsky

Akiva Galimidi
Arye Blumstein
DJ Chacham Issac Jamal
DJ Chilzuch Charlap
Dovi Aizikovich
Dudi Moskowitz
Elimelech Blumstein
Joe Kestner
Mendel Mogilevsky
Nachman Mostofsky
Nissin Steinberg
Sam Tenenbaum
Shloimy Kaufman
Shloimy Zelishovsky
Shmuel Hadar
Shmuel Vachss
Shmuly Zelishovsky
Yitzy Nussbaum