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This project was born following a special request – to re-compose the familiar prayer sections for the community at the Amanu-El Synagogue in New York.
I remember that special moment when I first read the prayers, I was inspired and from there it was history!

David Broza – Shalom Aleichem

David Broza – Yedid Nefesh

David Broza – Lecha Dodi

David Broza – Barhu

David Broza – Ahavat Olam

David Broza – Shma

David Broza – Mi Chamocha

David Broza – Hashkiveinu

David Broza – Hashem Sfatai

David Broza – Shalom Rav

David Broza – Yihyu L’Ratzon

David Broza – Mi Sheberach

David Broza – Yigdal

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