In Kan’s new animated series, Grandfather Noah is afraid that after his death his family will get into fights over the inheritance. In order not to miss the drama, he creates a game for them, at the end of which the winner will win his inheritance: an apartment in Jerusalem!

Grandma Hefta, Grandpa Noah’s ex, arrives and puts order in the house. The family members flee to their phones and social networks to escape from her malice.

Animated network series for adults: Grandfather Noah, lonely and thirsty for love, tends to die. He is afraid that after his death his descendants will get into conflicts over the inheritance – and he is not ready to miss all the drama. So he dictates a game to his family: every week the family members will gather for a Friday dinner at his house, at the beginning of which they will hold a vote and deprive one of the diners of the inheritance. The last one left – wins the apartment.

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