A six-episode miniseries. The affluent Tzipis family arrives in Jerusalem in 1885, following the father of the family’s vision of love for Zion. The daughters of the family are not happy with the move to Jerusalem and all the desire of Froma, the 19-year-old eldest, is to run away back to Odessa to the arms of her revolutionary lover. But then she meets Eliezer Ben Yehuda and starts working at his newspaper “THaTzvi”, where she is exposed to stories about brutal lynchings against young Jewish girls out of a desire to “educate” them, stories that the community will do anything to keep from being published in the newspaper. Froma becomes an investigative journalist in Ben Yehuda’s HaTzvi newspaper and without realizing it she falls in love with the Hebrew language. This is the story of the Jewish community in Jerusalem, extreme and brutal at times, in a period of romance, ideology, the development of the press and self-realization versus family ties and tradition.

Episode 2: While Eliezer is interested in Froma’s Hebrew, she is interested in exposing the lynching that was done to a girl from the community.

Episode 3: Froma is carried away by Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s passion for Hebrew, and decides to speak only Hebrew.

Episode 4: Froma succeeds in bringing new and exciting revelations in the lynching case. Haya is worried about her daughters, and Arya decides to go back to being the father he used to be and set things right.

Episode 5: Froma is excitedly waiting for the publication of her article. Aryeh is invited to Rabbi Salant, and realizes that he has lost control over his daughters’ lives.

Episode 6: Haya and Arya are forced to deal with secrets from their past. Sonia and Gabriel Nissan finally speak honestly. Fromma discovers surprising truths about her article and Eliezer, and chooses a fateful choice for the rest of her life.

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