Nitsa Kaplan, born during World War II as Lucia Bornstein in Poland, immigrated to Israel alone in 1948 and was adopted by a couple of parents, who educated their only son in the War of Independence

In 1952 Nitza was at the center of a complex and charged legal battle between two mothers in the court in Haifa: a mother who killed her first husband and three children in the Holocaust and is suing to return her lost daughter to her arms, and on the other hand a mother who killed her only son in the War of Independence. Decades later, when she is a mother and grandmother, Nitza goes on a journey in the hope of deciphering her identity and her origins. Her memory of her childhood was completely erased. black hole. During her search, she is exposed to the trial protocol, which discusses her fate and changes her life.

On the journey, she confronts her life story – a child who is torn between the adoptive mother and the biological mother, between the Holocaust and revival, between traumatic memories and comforting oblivion. Her story overflows with existential, moral, intimate and historical questions and they are all rooted in her personal fate, which to this very day has not been resolved. The film combines documentary materials and a dramatic reconstruction of the testimonies of the mothers. In the role of Chaya Bornstein, the actress Helena Yarlova and in the role of Chaya Kaplan, the actress Shiri Golan.

The film won the best documentary award at the 2022 Haifa International Film Festival.