Katoov Mi`lemala (Written From Above)

Look, years have gone by since then
I still imagine you amongst people
I`m full of longing again

Look, time doesn`t heal
Once again, the pressure in my chest
Reminds me that only longing is left

You used to say it is written from above
Take the pain with you
and always move on
Look, the time always passes and moves on
To where– I don`t know
And there is no-one who will say – look, it will be alright
And I no longer have light to light the way
And it comes back to me everywhere and I sing to you
Dreaming of you every night

Memories of love
To find a warm spot in you
And this comforting hand

Tell me, what will become of me
I can`t find myself anymore
And there is no-one who will call – come home