A new original drama based on true events. Eliyahu Levy, a successful comedian in Palestine in 1942, is deported by the British to the “Carthage” concentration camp in Africa, where he is imprisoned with Jewish underground fighters and Nazi criminals.

A huge production that was filmed in a detention camp, which was set up especially for the filming that took place in Colombia.

The series features Israeli actors alongside international stars: Uri Gov, Philip Glenister, Rashef Levy, Jacob Zeda-Daniel, Henry David, Karolina Yurshak, Oliver Buchner, Sean McGrath, Oleg Levin and more.

“Carthage” is a historical thriller with touches of black humor, based on real events and tells the story of the survivors of a detention camp, established by the British in Africa, during World War II. One clear day and without a preliminary trial, the leaders of the underground find themselves in the detention camp, the same people who later became the founders of the state and the leaders of the political right in Israel. Beside them, in the camp, Italian fascists and junior Nazis were held.

“Carthage” was created and written by Rashef Levy (“The Arbiter”, “Lost Islands”), Yenz Levy (“The Adventures of David Aryeh”) and Tomer Shani (“A Very Important Man”, “Nechma”), who were first exposed to the story through Rashef’s father Vinz, who was himself a prisoner in the camp. This is the second collaboration between Rashef Levy and Tomer Shani after the previous series they created together, “Consolation”.

The series is the product of collaboration with several international production companies from Argentina, Colombia, Cyprus and more. Carthage is one of the biggest productions seen in Israel, and especially for the shots, the creators insisted on building real sets of each location, without the use of computer effects. The result gives the series a special visual reminiscent of Hollywood of the past, which does not exist even for productions from around the world.

The series tells the story of Eliyahu (Elijah) Levy (Uri Gov in the lead role), an actor in the broom theater, who arrives in Carthage after being accused of collaborating with the British. But Eliyahu is not a member of any political organization and his ideology is foreign to the time – he believes in self-fulfillment. Upon his arrival at the camp, he discovers that the wife of the warden of the prison, Lord Davidson (played by the British actor Philip Glennister) is connected to him in a secret relationship, which, if discovered, will lead to their death.

In the camp, a world with its own rules was created, of men who did not know if they would ever taste the taste of freedom, and who are trying to survive in a prison of ideological criminals, whose belief in the righteousness of their way, leads them to sometimes resort to extreme violence that is not accompanied by remorse.

The series explores the connection between ideology and violence and the price people are forced to pay for their freedom. She returns to a world where racism is an accepted way of thinking and where democracy is under attack.

Episode 2: Elijah tries to save his life in the Carthage camp when at the same time the Nazi spy Thomas Edinburgh discovers strange truths about his origin. Surprisingly Elijah and Thomas find themselves together fighting for their lives.

Episode 3: Fabrizio stays behind when Eliyahu and Tomas arrive on the plane and try to escape. Helena connects with her lover from the past, and Thomas tries to contact his network.

Episode 4: In the Carthage camp there is an amphetamine smuggling network called Privatin. Jacob Dan discovers that following Fabrizio’s escape the material stops reaching the camp and this raises the fear that a major war will break out between all the groups in the camp.

Episode 5: Helena deals with Davidson’s obsessive jealousy while simultaneously trying to pull the strings and eliminate Thomas. When she goes for a ride on a horse she received as a gift, she gets involved in a difficult dilemma that will decide the fate of many people.

Episode 6: The battle for the Golden Boy role is heating up. Yaakov Dan tries to get Torso elected to the position so that he can control the smuggling of drugs into the camp. Elijah tries to win the job so he can escape with Helena to Asmara and from there go free.

Episode 7: Sasha, a Holocaust survivor who came to the camp from Europe and left his daughter behind, discovers that his decision to support Eliyahu for the role of Golden Boy complicates him to the point of a war between the two Jewish houses. Eliyahu is trying to win the elections at any cost.

Episode 8: Thomas Edinburgh arrives at the Nile Hotel. Macdonald lies in wait for him there and puts Thomas’ life in unexpected danger. Davidson discovers a secret about Helena, and Elijah tries to save his life by smuggling drugs from Asmara.

Episode 9: Thomas is investigated by Davidson and McDonald. They deprive him of sleep until he breaks down and crashes. The Jews decide to teach Elijah a lesson. A desperate Helena informs Elijah that they have been defeated and asks him to give Thomas a box as she swears that he will not open it.

Episode 10: The psychological game between Thomas Edinburgh and Davidson reaches its peak – will Thomas break the investigation? Meanwhile, Thomas discovers the truth about the death of his nanny, and asks to contact Jacob Dan.

Episode 11: Davidson tries to find out who wrote the love letter to his wife Helena. Jacob, Dan, Thomas and Elijah try to survive outside the camp at any cost.