A three-part documentary series. Is it possible to get answers to the riddle of your life through personal meetings with the greatest psychopaths in the world? Michal Wells tries to get to know the depth of her father’s dark soul, Mossad agent Moti Keidar, nicknamed “Prisoner X” while in prison, through a documented journey, in which Michal talks to the murderers Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez and others

Episode 1:  Introduction to Michal’s recording project and the threatening past of the murderers whom she met and interviewed, sometimes with no partitions at all. From these emerges the figure of the father, Moti Keidar, a dangerous criminal and murderer who was close to the Mossad at the time, precisely these are the qualities required of a Mossad fighter

Michal Wells embarks on a journey, which lasts 30 years, to understand the morbid actions of her stepfather, Moti Keidar(“And of all the monsters I have interviewed – my father is the biggest monster!”) and along the way discovers the secrets of her childhood, which are also intertwined with the secrets of the Mossad.

The journey is documented in a personal film archive, in which she conducts personal conversations with 12 of the greatest psychopathic criminals in the world, including: Charles Manson (headed the Manson family and convicted of murdering 7 people), Richard Ramirez (known as “the night stalker” who murdered Vance 18 people), Lynette Form from the Manson family, the woman who tried to assassinate President Ford and more

In the rare interviews, Michal looks at the psychopaths standing in front of her and asks the questions she couldn’t ask her stepfather, Moti Keidar, a Mossad agent who murdered his assistant in cold blood, and became known as Prisoner X. For Michal, he is a father who hurt her, and the biggest psychopath of all

The series won the DocAviv 2023 jury award.

Episode 2: In an attempt to understand the madness of her stepfather, a Mossad agent who stinks, his daughter embarks on a documented journey into the souls of well-known psychopaths. In the second episode, the secret of Michal’s childhood was revealed, and the terror inflicted on her by her stepfather, Moti Keidar.

Episode 3: Michal returns to Israel to heal her soul. From the conversations she held she hopes to get answers and explanations, while Moti Kidar will not release her until the day he dies.